The Shift has Hit the Fan

So, after reading all of the disparity and utter shock displayed across my newsfeed this morning, I feel like I need to chime in.

Naturally, I agree with what most of people are saying. That America has elected a bully. A hateful, misogynistic, bigoted a**hole who by most standards should never have come close to becoming president, not by a long shot.

But, I think I need to go against the grain here and try and sort something positive out of all of this.

First of all, Hillary should not have been the nominee for the Democratic Party. The people did not choose her. They chose Bernie Sanders. The DNC was caught red handed rigging the primary and stole the nomination away from Sanders. That and she was under federal investigation, twice.

This left millions of Americans feeling disenfranchised and belittled. Couple this with the endless wars, terrible trade deals, tax breaks for the rich and a rigged economy and you have set yourself up for a dramatic outcome. Bernie could have beaten Trump, easily. But instead, we now get to witness the ‘Trump Revolution’ take over America.

And who’s to blame for this? Is this the voters fault? No. Not even close. The voters were given two god awful choices and turned this election into a vote against one another, rather than for the policies they believed in.

If we’re going to blame anyone, then let’s blame the media. Let’s blame them for keeping everyone ignorant and isolated, even as the walls came down around their candidate. They have the authority and duty to deliver transparency. But instead they propagated us with differing opinions and false realities all while herding the public into an echo chamber against one another.

So, am I surprised by the results? Of course. Should I be? Maybe not so much. But here’s the good news.

Trump just overthrew a gang of political elites who have been ruling America for decades. He just singlehandedly delivered a knockout punch to the establishment and will be remembered forever for doing so. He accomplished something quite remarkable in order to become president. Something I had serious doubts about anyone being able to do in my lifetime.

The following are quotes from various articles I have grazed across this morning in order to look for a glimmer of hope over what has just happened:

“Would a Trump presidency fix our national problems? Probably not. But, his presidency should not be viewed through that lens. Rather, think of it like this: President Trump is perfectly suited to be the commander-in-chief of political incorrectness and international blunders. He will rip the bandage that covers the corrosion of our country. A Trump presidency would likely produce alarming missteps, yet in the process it would expose the real problems our nation faces—problems that, if not corrected today, will cause far graver damage tomorrow. The worse he does, the better it may be be for the country.” Armen Orujyan – Fortune

“Trump has a confidence and powerful personality that, like it or not, tend to work well in politics, and make it far less likely he would become too strongly beholden to this or that external influencer — we complain often about our elected officials being in the pocket of lobbyists and special interests, but Trump is his own special interest and he seems unlikely to let his own sense of personal power and rightness become manipulated or dominated by outside forces.” Mark Hughes – Screenwriter, Film Critic at Forbes


“Trump won’t start WWIII: Among the remaining candidates (including the Democrats), Trump has been the most vocal opponent of military adventurism. He has suggested he will take the fight to ISIS, but Trump has been insistent in his belief that the Iraq war was a mistake, that American blood has been shed in a misguided attempt to restructure the Middle East, and that a real conservative American foreign policy would place American interests first, ahead of those of foreign nations. ”  Brion Mcclanahan – Breitbart
“The last good news from a Trump presidency is that it marks the decline of “religious conservatism” in American politics, which has done much damage to the Republican Party among well-educated voters, particularly women. Not only did Mr. Trump soundly defeat the hero of religious conservatives, Ted Cruz, at the polls; he also does not personally believe, or at least he certainly does not live by, religious conservatives’ agenda.” Richard W. Painter –  The New York Times

So, in conclusion, I still feel as though Trump is a dangerous experiment to be playing with. But when you look at all of the symptoms that have led up to this being a reality, it’s hard to argue with the course that’s been plotted here. Something had to give. Too many voices were not being heard and now we’re left here gripping with the result our arrogance told us would never come to pass.

Written by: Jesse Michek
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